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We give shape to your desires and needs.

We create functional, aesthetically pleasing, and welcoming residential and office spaces.


Vivijana Zorman, mag. inž. arh.

Vivijana Zorman

Vivijana completed her master's degree at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana in 2010. Already during her studies, she worked at the office Kragelj arhitekti, where she continued to work also after graduating.


She has been building her independent path for several years. During her 15-year career, she designed several architecture projects, mostly one-family houses, and apartments.

In the field of interior design, she has experience in designing business and private interiors. She is present from the idea to the day of moving in. 


In her work, she pays attention to the wishes of the client and skillfully takes them into account in her design, so that the result is a synthesis of a functional, beautiful, and pleasant environment for work or living.


Jure Vanič, univ. dipl. inž. arh. 

Licensed Architect

Vesna Krašna Vodopivec, mag. inž. arh. 


Bea Brüfach, dipl. diz.

'' Working with Vivijana again on the interior design was an excellent choice and I am delighted with the final result. Vivijana knows how to listen to the client's interests and goals and implement them well in the project. The added value is definitely the search for special details that work elegantly, fresh, and at the same time fit harmoniously into the entire space. I also appreciate her responsiveness, adaptability, and support during the implementation phase when working with contractors. An additional plus is the realistic preliminary cost estimate, which turned out to be quite accurate. ''

Every project includes unique, tailored solutions built around the context of the space, your specific needs, and our

long-term experiences.

Our team takes care of a project from the first meeting to its implementation, since we can thus obtain the best possible result. Along it, we work with engineers, designers, and quality contractors

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